Updates for the 2018 Season

In 2017 we suffered a huge loss with the passing of my wife, Allison. Allison and I were a team, each with our own specific jobs, making it not only a personal loss but a huge loss for our business as well. Please visit Allison’s Memorial page to view photos of Allison with her family, and loyal dog Foxy. All photos were taken at the farm.

I would like to extend a big thank-you to everyone for your support, help, and offering a shoulder to lean on. It was greatly appreciated! Also a special thank-you goes out to Kerry for all her above and beyond help!


We are always growing here at The Bars Farm and in 2018 we will be introducing “cut-your-own flowers” as well as a making a few other changes we hope will be for the better. But be assured, no matter what changes we make, we will continue to provide you, our customers and friends, with the best produce and service we can provide!





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