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About the Farm

The Bars Farm has been in the family since the early 1800s. Allison’s parents Mary and Herb Marsh started the farm stand in 1980 with a self-service cart. Over the next few years, a converted hay wagon served as the stand still operating as self service. In 1994 , a small building replaced the self service wagon as more display area was needed, 2008 saw an enclosed addition added to our growing stand. In 2010 the front of the old stand was replaced with a more modern and functional and even larger display area, as we expanded our vegetable and flower production.  In 2013 we added a new patio floor to our flower and bouquet sales area making it more customer friendly and again letting us expand our sales area again.

The farm is run  full time by Allison and Dean Landale, after Allison left her part time job at Millitech Inc. in 2008 as a office manager, and Dean leaving his job as an iron worker foreman in 2007.

Our personnel are local seasonal employees who run the farm stand, work in the fields and take care of the greenhouses.

Currently we grow over 97 different varieties of vegetables, all started from seed, and over 60 different varieties of flowers. The vegetables are sold both wholesale and retail while the flowers are sold mostly retail. We grow a large selection of the usual common vegetables (corn, cukes,peppers, squash tomatoes etc.) along with new and not-so-common types of vegetables(okra, oriental eggplant and a unusual selection of hot peppers). Our flowers include annuals, perennials in hanging baskets, patio pots, cell packs and other containers. Check our section on “what we grow”!

Allison and Dean have now expanded the farm from the small cart days, and are now at a comfortable size of fifteen acres that allows us to provide for the community and more.

We encourage our customers to try our many different vegetables by providing recipes, cooking instructions and nutritional values. We also provide a scoville heat rating chart for our large selection of hot peppers.

Our farm is CQP certified for food safety and we are also active members of CISA.