What’s Hot? Peppers!

You like it hot? Chances are we have it! We grow an amazing variety of hot peppers at The Bars Farm. Harvesting begins around the end of June.

Look here for your favorites:

Aji Dulce — Little Heat, looks like a red Habanero, use for a little zip
Ancho (red) — Mildly Hot — great for stuffing and soup
Bhut Jolokia (Ghost pepper) — Extremely Hot (one of the hottest in the world)
Biquinho (Brazilian type) – Smoky flavor, with a rich fruitiness. Perfect garnish for barbecues and pickles
Bulgarian Carrot — Hot, Fruity flavor, good in chutney, salsa, sauces
Cajun Belle — Mildly Hot, Sweet and Savory
Cherry Bomb — Medium Hot, great pickled and stuffed
Flaming Flare (Fresno type) – Mild and sweet, with just a bit of spice
Habanero — Very Hot
Habanero Chocolate – Very Hot
Habanero Orange – Extremely hot
Habanero White — Very Hot
Hottie Hybrid Large Habanero — A bit less pungent than a regular Habanero but still very hot
Hungarian Hot Wax — Medium Hot has a kick, good in sandwiches and pickled
Italian Roaster — Medium Hot frying pepper
Jalapeño — Hot
Jalepeno Yellow – The flavor and heat of a jalapeño but with a slight fruit finish.
*Jamaican Hot Chocolate — Very Hot
Krimzon Lee (Paprika type) – Mildly Hot – sweet, thick walled excellent flavor
Kung Pao — Medium Hot, Asian pepper, good in stir frys
Lemon Pepper — Medium Hot, nice fruity flavor
Lemon Drop (Peruvian type) – Hot, citrus-like, lemon-flavored
Messilla (Cayene type)- Medium hot
Newmex Big Jim (Anaheim type) – Perfect for chili rellenos. Mild to medium heat
Pasilla Bajio — Mildly Hot, nice smoky flavor
Poblano (green) — Mildly Hot, great for stuffing and soups
Reapen – Just hot!
Serrano – Mildly Hot and spicy
Sport — Medium Hot, good pickled
Trinidad Perfume – No Heat, fruity, nice in salads
Zimbabwe Red Hots – Hot

We also grow the following banana type peppers: sopron, diablo sweet and carmen.

*Did you know that Appalachian Naturals uses our in-house smoked Jamaican Hot Chocolates in their Jamaican Habanero Barbecue Sauce? We also provide Grand Ten Distillery with our chipotles, and Boston Burger Company uses our habanero peppers in one of their salsas!